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These are some articles about common medical topics and news. You can find latest medical publication on the PubMed also, which is free medical database. Search and read from PubMed

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Blood/Lymphatic System
Bones, Joints and Muscles
Brain and Nervous System
Child and Teen Health
Complementary and Alternative Therapies
Diagnostic Tests
Digestive System
Drug Therapy
Ear, Nose, and Throat
Endocrine System (Hormones)
Eyes and Vision
Fitness and Exercise
Food and Nutrition
Genetics/Birth Defects
Health System
Heart and Circulation
Immune System/AIDS
Injuries and Wounds
Kidneys and Urinary System
Lungs and Breathing
Men's Health
Mental Health and Behavior
Metabolic Problems
Mouth and Teeth
Poisoning, Toxicology, Environmental Health
Population Groups
Pregnancy and Reproduction
Seniors' Health
Sexual Health
Skin, Hair and Nails
Social/Family Issues
Substance Abuse Problems
Surgery and Rehabilitation
Transplantation and Donation
Wellness and Lifestyle
Women's Health
Merchant Account Provider

Modern Medicine & Information

Present Medicine developed from various traditions which is rooted to different countries and different practices. Major development of medicine took place in the late 18th and early 19th century in Europe. Modern medicine developed to a diverse field and the provision providing medical care in a variety of locations and involved in different categories of professionals. Stages of medical care can be divided in to several categories, Primary care, secondary care and Tertiary care medical services. Primary care providers are the physicians or other health professionals who meet a person seeking medical care first, then secondary or tertiary care providers ideally by referral system.

Health care providers are group of highly trained professionals from different background coming together as an interdisciplinary team. Few common examples include: doctors, nurses, laboratory scientists, pharmacists, physiotherapists etc.

Clinical disciplines in medical professional is quite wide and Medical doctors have many specializations and subspecializations. Few common disciplines are anesthesiology, Dermatology, Emergency medicine, General practice, Geriatrics, Hospital medicine, Intensive care medicine, Internal medicine, Cardiology, Gastroenterology and Endocrinology

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